Cheating Partner

Relationships involving gay or lesbian civil unions, domestic partnerships, and marriage have many of the same issues as traditional ones. Cheating is no exception. No matter what type of relationship you’re in, if your partner is cheating, there will be signs.

Perhaps your partner has started hanging out with a new group of friends and doesn’t readily include you. Are they working later or taking business trips “alone”. You used to go on many or all of these trips, but now your partner distances themselves from you. Have you recognized an increase interest in working out by your partner? Are there unexplained or unusual purchases being made by your cheating partner? Another sign that your partner might be cheating is excessive and unusual cell phone and computer activity. Secretive texting, emailing, chatting  and even playing games such as “Words With Friends” can be signs of a cheating partner.

If you think you’re a victim, Victory Investigations can help you reach peace of mind.

Common Signs Your Partner Is Cheating:

  • odd and excessive cell phone use (cell phone locked/password protected, deleting texts, emails, browsing history, etc.)
  • odd and excessive computer use (have their own user account/password required, signs of chatting, Skype’ing, old partners on Facebook, staying up late on the computer, etc.)
  • smell of perfume or cologne that is not his or hers
  • working out or working out more
  • dressing nicer or differently
  • acting distant towards you
  • not interested in having sex or being intimate with you
  • spending more time away from home
  • working more or on the weekends
  • unavailable at work when you call
  • unexplained receipts/purchases
  • unexplained purchases or payments on bank statements
  • starts a fight and uses it as an excuse to leave the house

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