Cheating Wife

The reasons women cheat vary considerably. While a man may be looking for someone for physical reasons, alone, a woman tends to select a partner that they would want to be with regularly. Women want to establish a more emotional connection and with someone they feel might be an “upgrade” or a better selection than the partner they currently have. They invest their time and efforts towards a relationship that will, perhaps, better their situation. Whether it be for a stronger, more confident man OR a man who is smarter and more successful than their spouse. This can range from someone that she relates with better than you all the way to someone that can provide better than you. Most of us know someone that has married for security as opposed to love. In this situation, the woman decided to “settle”, in their mind, and tend to cheat to fulfill their fantasies with someone other than you. These women are often the one’s looking to “upgrade” if the opportunity presents itself, but are content to have their cake and eat it too.

Women desire a more emotional connection. To them, it’s not just sex.

Another reason a woman may cheat is due to lack of intimacy or sexual satisfaction. Women need romance and an emotional connection for them to be completely satisfied. When and if you’re intimate with your wife and you don’t feel any passion, it’s likely she doesn’t either. A woman going through this lack of intimacy and chemistry will likely cheat as soon as someone comes along and shows a true interest in her. As professional private investigators, we see this happen all the time. Although you may think things are “ok”, it’s best you examine your situation and speak with your wife about her needs and desires.

Alas, there’s the “he did it, so I can too” syndrome. She is having sex with someone to pay you back for your prior indiscretions and doesn’t care whether you find out or not. Often times the woman chooses someone close to you. It could be a best friend or even a sibling – never mind the “man code”. It is much easier  for a woman to find a sexual partner than a man and they know this and use it to their advantage to get even.

Whether it’s the man or the woman doing the cheating, it is very often with someone they work with or for. For a woman, it tends to be someone at or above their pay grade and for a man it tends to be the opposite. Workplace romances are so common that I will step out on a limb and state they comprise 90% of the cheating cases we work.

Common Signs Your Wife is Cheating

  • odd and excessive cell phone use (cell phone locked/password protected, deleting texts, emails, browsing history, etc.)
  • odd and excessive computer use (have their own user account/password required, signs of chatting, Skype’ing, old boyfriends on Facebook, staying up late on the computer, etc.)
  • smell of cologne on her or in her car
  • working out or working out more
  • dressing nicer or differently
  • acting distant towards you
  • not interested in having sex or being intimate with you
  • spending more time away from home
  • working more or on the weekends
  • unavailable
  • unexplained receipts/purchases

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