Cheating Husband

Men are visual beings and their minds respond to visual temptation. Even the most disciplined man cannot avoid noticing when a woman dresses in a way that draws attention to their body. It’s just in their wiring. So it should come as no surprise that when men cheat they are first satisfying a sexual desire or need. The reason could be lack of sex at home, a lack of experimentation at home, or complete differences between them and their mate sexually. It could be due to growing apart over time or that the wife doesn’t know what their husband’s true desires or fantasies are.

Whatever the reason may be, you want to know who he’s cheating with, when he’s seeing them, and where. You deserve to know whether your husband or partner is being faithful or not and Victory Investigations can accurately and discreetly get you the evidence you need to move on with your life. This evidence is especially important for a woman who has stood by her husband through thick and thin and is now relying on his income to maintain a certain lifestyle or comfort level. Or to a mother concerned about how the future of her children will be provided for financially. And last, but certainly not least, this evidence is for the woman who needs peace of mind.

Cheaters lie. It’s just what they do. They will be in such denial that they think they will get away with the affair and extend that denial to your queries.

Often times the wife has asked or confronted their husband about their possible infidelity and the man gets defensive, perhaps tells his wife she’s crazy or paranoid. Sometimes these inquiries evoke anger. If any of this sounds familiar, you may want to consider hiring a private investigator to uncover the truth.

Odd and obssesive cell phone behavior is the new lipstick on the collar.

Common Signs Your Husband is Cheating

  • odd and excessive cell phone use (cell phone locked/password protected, deleting texts, emails, browsing history, etc.)
  • odd and excessive computer use (have their own user account/password required, signs of chatting, Skype’ing, old girlfriends on Facebook, staying up late on the computer, etc.)
  • smell of perfume on him or in his car
  • working out or working out more
  • dressing nicer or differently
  • acting distant towards you
  • not interested in having sex or being intimate with you
  • spending more time away from home
  • working more or on the weekends
  • unavailable at work when you call
  • unexplained receipts/purchases
  • unexplained purchases or payments on bank statements
  • finding hidden condoms
  • he starts a fight and uses it as an excuse to leave the house

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