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Whether you’re being harassed personally, your child is being bullied online, or your business’s reputation is being damaged by negative and false comments online, Victory Investigations can help you. We have helped companies, attorneys, individuals, and even law enforcement deal with issues of internet defamation, company attacks, and personal harassment. These attacks are often made by people you know personally and, as such, they hide behind an anonymous or false identity in order to wreak havoc on your personal and professional life.

Most people do not realize that every keystroke they make, website they visit, post they write, email they send, or electronic communication they are a party to, provide clues as to who they are, where they are, and how they operate. AND what tools they are using in the way of browsers, phones, computers, desktops, operating systems, mac address, SSID and IP address(es). We seek to “unmask” competitors, disgruntled employees, and anyone else that aims to do you and your reputation harm.

Cyber / Internet Bullying

When it comes to our children, nothing could be more precious. Their safety & security are paramount to us as parents. Kids can be cruel and there are many ways to spread rumors, false allegations, and the like. Almost every child is somehow connected to the internet. Whether it be through social media, online chat groups, emailing friends, or gaming,  bullying online is easy and effective. Bullying using electronic technology is different than traditional bullying. Online bullying is usually done in an anonymous manner. It can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the false or damaging information, videos, messages, and pictures can be widely distributed in a very short amount of time. It is important to be aware of who your children are dealing with on and offline, and keep an eye on their mood, actions, and school performance. Your child may not want you to know they’re being bullied because they may be embarrassed, or even scared they’ll get into some trouble, or make matters worse. Victory Investigations can help you help your child in their time of need. To take a more proactive approach so that you can act before the bullying becomes a major problem, see our page on child monitoring. This is an especially important step if you think your child is the one doing the bullying.

Our licensed Private Investigators have the experience, knowledge, and technology to help you uncover the truth. Contact us today to discuss your personal situation and possible options:


Victory Investigations provides professional and confidential investigative service in the matters of:  Child MonitoringGetting Deleted Texts,Cheating WifeCheating HusbandCheating SpouseAdultery/InfidelityGPS TrackingRecover Deleted EmailCyber Harassment/Stalking/Bullying, Email Tracing, Social Media Investigations, Internet Investigations, Electronic Eavesdropping“Bug” & Wiretap Discovery, Reputation Defense, and much more. We are a fully licensed and insured private investigator firm located in Greensboro, NC and service Greensboro and surrounding areas such as:  High Point NC, Burlington NC, Winston Salem NC


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