Service of Process


When you need to have someone served, Victory Investigations will get the job done right. Not only do we get the subject or company served, we often get a snap shot of the individual we hand the papers to. It is our commitment to you to get service effected quickly and return the affidavit to you in a timely manner. If your subject is avoiding service, don’t worry. Victory will get them served – we are experienced in getting these persons served.

Compared with sheriffs, did you know that process servers:

1. Serve faster and with a higher success rate
2. Have higher customer satisfaction ratings
3. Are the preferred choice of legal professionals
4. Know the laws better


In addition, we are skilled at “skip tracing” and performing hard locates in order to track down an elusive subject. We can offer the following:

1. DMV Search
2. UCC Search
3. Corporation Search
4. Witness Location
5. Secretary of State Searches
6. Big Apple Searches
7. DBA Search – “Doing Business As” Searches
8. LP Search – Limited Partnership Searches
9. LLC Search – Limited Liability Corp. Searches
10. Social Media Searches, Pretext, & Investigations

Our licensed Private Investigators have the experience, knowledge, and technology to help you. If you need to locate a hard to find individual, contact us today! 


Victory Investigations provides professional and confidential investigative service in the matters of:  Child MonitoringGetting Deleted Texts,Cheating WifeCheating HusbandCheating SpouseAdultery/InfidelityGPS TrackingRecover Deleted EmailCyber Harassment/Stalking/Bullying, Email Tracing, Social Media Investigations, Internet Investigations, Electronic Eavesdropping“Bug” & Wiretap Discovery, Reputation Defense, and much more. We are a fully licensed and insured private investigator firm located in Greensboro, NC and service Greensboro and surrounding areas such as:  High Point NC, Burlington NC, Winston Salem NC

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