Alimony Reduction

Information obtained through this type of investigation provides attorneys and our client with the evidence needed to reduce or eliminate their alimony or post-marital support obligations. Covert surveillance will determine if your ex-spouse has a new job, is being paid “under the table” (cash), secretly remarried, or cohabiting with someone. Surveillance and research will also uncover whether there is a non-blood occupant living in the home, paying rent, and performing household activities, such as:  mowing, making home improvements, taking out the trash, etc. Some other important evidence establishing cohabitation could be utilities or cell phone service listed in the person’s name at the subject address; the person is receiving mail at the subject address; or they have a P.O. Box registered to the same address as the subject.

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Victory Investigations provides professional and confidential investigative service in the matters of:  Child MonitoringGetting Deleted Texts,Cheating WifeCheating HusbandCheating SpouseAdultery/InfidelityGPS TrackingRecover Deleted EmailCyber Harassment/Stalking/Bullying, Email Tracing, Social Media Investigations, Internet Investigations, Electronic Eavesdropping“Bug” & Wiretap Discovery, Reputation Defense, and much more. We are a fully licensed and insured private investigator firm located in Greensboro, NC and service Greensboro and surrounding areas such as:  High Point NC, Burlington NC, Winston Salem NC

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