Coronavirus / COVID-19 & How To Find Someone That You’ve Lost Touch With – Skip Tracing For The Desperate

In a time of lockdowns, quarantine and self-isolation due to the Coronavirus, it’s possible that social distancing has got you thinking about how to find someone. This could be one or more people in your life who you have lost contact with, and who you might be desperate to find and connect with.

If you’re alone during this uncertain time, it’s also understandable that you would want to reach out to someone from your past. Perhaps you’re even thinking about reconnecting with someone that you had a relationship with many years ago before it was easy to keep in touch via texting and social media.

No matter what the reason, or who the person is, it’s possible to find someone that you’ve lost touch with through several “how to locate a person” methods. One of these processes is called skip tracing.

Skip tracing refers to tracking someone who has “skipped” town and is often used in the context of bail bonds or bounty hunting. This is also one of the many skills that we, as Private Investigators in Greensboro, specialize in.

Of course, in this case, the person you are looking for would not have necessarily “skipped” town, but the same approach applies. As private detectives, we have a lot of experience in this and can offer the following tips when looking for a person from your past.

5 Tips From Private Detectives In Greensboro, NC, On How To Locate A Person You’ve Lost Contact With

1. Collect As Much Information As Possible

If you are wondering how to locate person data, the easiest answer is to look online. However, before you do that, take the time to sit down and think about all of the information you have about this person. This will help when you start the process of figuring out how to find someone online.

This includes remembering their full name, as well as what they did when you knew them. Taking a photo of an old photograph of the person with your smartphone, or scanning it into digital format, will also make the online search much easier. This information is quite easy to gather, and the more information you have upfront will help you considerably in your search. If your online research is coming up empty, perhaps have one of our professional private investigators conduct a background check, using as little as just a name.

2. Consult Government Records

Not all personal information is available to the public, but if you’re a bit intimidated by online Google searches, you can also pay a visit to your local archive website to find out more general information about the person first. This could include mentions of them in the public press, or whether they have registered a company.

If you’re wondering how to locate personal data for someone who lives far away, you could also get in touch with a national archive via email for more direction. In this case, they may be able to do a wider search on your behalf, even while working remotely. The person you’re looking for might be in another country, in which case, you may need to ask for the details of the local country’s archives and ask them to do a similar search for you. As private investigators in Greensboro, NC, we have dealt with many cases of finding people through public records, but it could be an interesting process for you to learn more about this person first. If this person is a family member, this kind of exercise could also prove interesting for finding out more about your heritage too.

3. Conduct An Online Search On Google

Of course, this is where many people would have begun their search. However, by following the first two steps, you have already gathered a solid amount of information to work with. This will work to your advantage as knowing how to find someone online can be trickier than it appears at first glance.

This is especially the case if you’re wondering how to locate person data for someone with a very common name. With the information you have already gathered, you can now add more search terms into the search bar on Google, or another search engine of your choice, to make your search more refined. Of course, the more accurate the information you have is, the better the results are going to be. Using a digital photograph, you can even search on Google Images to find other images online that match.

4. Use Social Media

Once again, this is where many people might begin their search, but we all know that not everyone makes their profiles public. Once again, as with search engines like Google, if the person has a common name it makes them more difficult to find on these sites – unless you have a photograph or two of them. There are also many different social media sites, and the person you might be looking for might not use all of them. So, it’s a good idea to search all of them and, if you’ve followed all of the steps above, you would probably have a lot more information to work with.

5. Consult A Private Investigator

If you still can’t find a trace of the person you’re looking for, the next step is to bring in some professional help. As private investigators in Greensboro, NC, we are a licensed and insured service provider that can help with skip tracing and knowing how to locate person data so that you can get hold of someone that you’ve lost touch with.

With years of experience, we can take you through all the necessary steps, as we’ve outlined above, in addition to the many other methods of information retrieval that we have at our disposal.

Final Thoughts On How To Find Someone That You’ve Lost Touch With

If you live in the triad area, we can help you learn how to find someone that you want to get in contact with again, no matter how many years it’s been since you’ve seen them. In a time of great uncertainty with the Coronavirus spreading around the world, we’re here to help you, remotely, during this challenging time.

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