Gone For Good? Not So Fast – You May Be Able To Get ‘Deleted Email’


Sometimes, people think that if they delete an email by sending it to the “Trash” section of their Inbox, it is gone for good.

It is not.

Like many forms of electronic communication, email is harder to completely get rid of than many people realize. There are many implications to this, but the one we want to discuss here is how getting deleted email can be a boon to the investigative process.

At Victory Private Investigations, we work with clients who want to uncover information that they believe is being kept secret from them for less-than-positive reasons. Our clients often include spouses who suspect their partners of infidelity, former spouses who think their ex is not being truthful with regard to child custody or support, parents who want to keep tabs on their kids and the like.

Recovering “deleted” email is helpful for these investigations because it can reveal information that the user wrongly thought was gone forever.

Now, in some cases, recovering deleted email is easy, and other times it takes a certain amount of technological expertise, called “computer forensics.” At Victory Private Investigations, we have the technical know-how necessary to find “deleted email” in many circumstances. Not every private investigation firm has the computer forensics skill that we do.

If you are interested in learning more about us, please feel free to contact us at any time that is convenient for you. Uncovering the truth is our business, and you might be surprised to learn what “secret” information we can help you recover.

Our Private Investigators and Certified Digital Forensic Specialists can perform computer forensics to get the valuable data you need. Please contact our private investigators for Greensboro NC for further assistance. Also, free free to add us to your Google+ Circles!

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