How To Find Hidden Cameras

If you suspect you’re under surveillance by a hidden camera and/ or audio, surreptitiously, and want to regain your peace of mind,  here are a few steps you can take to help potentially identify and counteract any surveillance. Victory Investigations has been hired to install hidden cameras, so we have the know how or “tradecraft” to detect, identify and nullify the spying cameras.

hidden camera in fire alarm
Hidden camera in fire alarm

Methods To Find A Hidden Camera in Your Home, Office, Car, or Hotel: 

1. Conduct a thorough physical sweep of your surroundings for any hidden cameras or listening devices. Look for unusual wires, objects that seem out of place, or any signs of tampering.
2. Monitor your electronic devices for any unusual activity such as unauthorized access, unexpected downloads, or unusually high data usage. Consider changing your passwords and enabling two-factor authentication for added security.
3. Be mindful of any suspicious behavior from individuals who may be following you or monitoring your activities. Keep track of any patterns or occurrences that seem out of the ordinary.
4. Consider seeking the help of a professional security expert or private investigator to conduct a more thorough investigation and provide guidance on how to protect yourself from surveillance.
5. Keep a log of any suspicious activities or incidents and report them to the appropriate authorities if you feel threatened or unsafe.
Remember to trust your instincts and take proactive steps to protect your privacy and safety. 

Electronic Countermeasures Professionals

Electronic Bug Sweeps and Hidden Camera Sweeps

Audio listening devices or “Bugs” and hidden cameras can be found by the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) professionals at Victory Investigations. We have been trained and are licensed to conduct electronic sweeps and physical searches for hidden cameras. We know best how to find the spy cameras because we also install them. Private investigators in North Carolina MUST be licensed to, not only market these services, but to also provide them. Victory Investigations has the necessary licensing, training, and equipment to provide countermeasures services and have been providing them for over 17 years. Trust the professionals.

What Do Hidden Cameras Look Like?

Inspect for Unusual Objects:

In unfamiliar surroundings, be vigilant for strange objects that might be hidden cameras or house them. Check for out-of-place items like smoke detectors, and seemingly ordinary objects concealing a camera – Kleenex boxes, lamps and lamp shades, clock radios (almost always in a hotel room), picture frames, stuffed animals and many more.  It’s also a good idea to be cautious of any technology that doesn’t look familiar or seems out of place, such as USB chargers, power adapters, or phone chargers that have unexpected wires or components. Additionally, pay attention to any strange behavior of people around you, as they may be trying to monitor your actions or conversations. Hidden cameras in hotel rooms and Air BnB’s are more common than you would think. Consult this article for ways to find hidden cameras

hidden video camera
Tiny hidden video camera

If you suspect that you are being surveilled, try to block the camera’s view with your hand or an object, or cover the camera lens with something opaque. You can also try to find the camera and disable or disconnect it if possible. Finally, be sure to report any suspicious activity to the authorities or the owner of the property. 

Remember to always prioritize your safety and privacy in unfamiliar environments, and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from surveillance. Inspect ANYTHING that may be a hidden camera.

Physical Inspection

Examine Electrical Outlets: Hidden cameras can be connected to electrical outlets within walls. Investigate outlets for any loose components or disconnected wires. You will often observe a reflection of a pin-hole camera lens that is just recessed in an outlet’s prong slots.

Use a Flashlight:

Shine a flashlight or better yet strobe the flashlight or use a strobe, around the room to detect reflections that may indicate camera lenses. Be sure the room is as dark as possible and scan the room, multiple times.

Employ a Radio Frequency Detector:

Radio frequency detectors, commonly referred to as rf detectors can uncover hidden cameras by identifying radio signals associated with them. This is primarily used for wireless cameras, as they use radio frequencies and/ or WIFI signals to send it’s signal to a hub, DVR receiver, or a router to cloud services. There are also cameras that will record internally on either an SSD or SD card.

Conduct a Visual Inspection:

The most reliable method involves a thorough visual inspection/physical search. Look for odd objects concealing cameras, like smoke detectors, air fresheners, or mirrors. Examine anything that appears out of place. A private Investigator trained to install such devices can also utilize his/her tradecraft knowledge to locate and identify these threats to your privacy and security.

Verify Wireless Interference:

Keep an eye out for wireless interference that may suggest hidden cameras. These devices can disrupt electronics, such as radios or Wi-Fi connections. Scan for unknown wireless networks. It may be difficult to determine how close the network is or exactly where it is broadcasting from, but keep a log of the number of WIFI signals there are and the names. Any increase or different names could be a suspect connection.

Look for Wires:

Follow any wires running along walls or ceilings, as they might lead to hidden cameras and high-gain microphones can be found at the end of suspicious wiring or even hidden within a loom of wires. Check in crawl spaces, attics and storage rooms. These are common places to find DVD recorders, unfamiliar wiring, and other hidden camera or audio recording devices.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras

Detecting Hidden Cameras at Work

In corporate environments with the increasing use of surveillance technology, employ a combination of techniques to uncover hidden cameras. Start by inspecting for wires, odd objects, and recent construction or changes in the area. Pay attention to smoke detectors, wall decor, and electrical outlets. Utilize bug detectors, RF scanners, or thermal imaging cameras for advanced detection.

Using a Cell Phone to Spot Hidden Cameras

To uncover hidden cameras, use a camera finder app on your cell phone. These apps detect infrared light emitted by most concealed cameras. When the app detects this light, it will alert you to take action.

Where Are Hidden Cameras Are Typically Found

Hidden cameras in your home can be found – private spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and changing rooms. In office settings, check various areas like computers, walls, bookshelves, clocks, plants for hidden cameras and even ceiling tiles. We have installed dozens and dozens of cameras for corporations and small businesses that were attempting to uncover employee theft and dishonesty.

hidden camera with DVR
Hidden camera with DVR

Best Apps for Detecting Hidden Cameras

Consider using apps like “Hidden Camera Detector Pro” and “Spy Hidden Camera Detector” to detect hidden cameras. These apps use advanced algorithms and flashlight features to spot cameras, even the hard-to-detect micro cameras.

Checking for Hidden Cameras in Specific Places

Be aware of the specific areas where hidden cameras may be lurking. Look for tell-tale signs and employ the appropriate techniques to protect your privacy.

Detecting Hidden Cameras in Cars

Search your car for hidden cameras, checking dashboard, center console, seats, glove box, and trunk. Consider using a camera detector device to identify electromagnetic fields emitted by cameras.

Detecting Hidden Cameras in Airbnb Rentals

Inspect the room for signs of hidden cameras, such as small holes or unusual wires. Use smartphone apps or radio frequency detectors to aid in detection.

Detecting Hidden Cameras in Mirrors

Use a camera detector to locate hidden cameras in mirrors. Inspect mirrors for suspicious signs, take photos, and check for any unusual cables or holes. Two-Way Mirrors are one of the common items we have found in the field. You can detect these in a few different ways, including “The Fingernail Test”. You can find a few good techniques here:

Two-Way Mirror Check

Find A Hidden Camera With Your Mobile Phone

The “Hidden Camera Detector” app is a reliable tool for spotting hidden cameras. It uses advanced algorithms to identify infrared and electromagnetic signals, providing detailed information about camera types and locations.

Consider Hiring a Greensboro NC Private Investigator – Victory Investigations, whos trained, experienced and licensed to perform Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM.

A private investigator can be valuable in detecting hidden cameras due to their expertise and access to sensitive information. They can provide peace of mind by ensuring the footage is not tampered with.

What To Do Next When You Find Hidden Cameras

Stay calm, document the findings, contact authorities, and consider removing the camera if safe to do so. Change passwords for relevant devices connected to the camera.


I say all of that to say this… Safeguarding your privacy against hidden cameras requires vigilance and the use of appropriate detection methods. Stay informed, stay discreet, and prioritize your security. After your home, office, or vehicle has been given a “clean bill of health”, consider investing in a home security system, hidden security cameras (covert cameras), and non-covert cameras, or “overt” surveillance cameras for detection and deterrence. And when you are in doubt, even after your best efforts, reach out to us for a FREE Consultation.

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