Changed Attitude towards Household Chores: If your partner starts evading joint laundry activities and provides excuses, this might suggest possible infidelity. It could indicate an effort to create emotional distance or hide personal details from you. Or gardening/yard work OR any other activities you once enjoyed together i.e. working out, hiking, biking, etc.

Increased Efforts for Work Appearance: If your partner suddenly begins dressing more formally for work or shows signs of making extra efforts, it could indicate an attempt to impress someone else. Keep an eye on changes in work routines and communication patterns. A suden or recent interest in working out or starting a new hobby you had no idea they had any interest in.

Heightened Focus on Physical Fitness: As I stated in the last bullet point: A sudden surge in fitness interest may point towards a desire to enhance appearance for someone new. Engaging in open discussions about workout routines might help clarify the situation.

Shift in Social Priorities: Should your partner start spending less quality time with you and more with friends, it could be indicative of seeking new connections. Address your concerns with an open conversation to understand their motives.

Growing Secrecy: An increase in secretive behavior may signify that something is being hidden. Open communication about this change in behavior is crucial to understanding its origin. Do they duck around a corner to answer their phone or to text someone? Have they put a passcode on their phone, whereas you used to have easy access to it. Often times we see where one partner’s phone is completely accessible by the other partner, ut not the other way around. Transparency is an imprtant trust factor in an intimate relationship.

Unusual Interest in Finances: If your partner becomes unexpectedly inquisitive about your financial status, it might raise suspicions. Address the topic openly to better comprehend their intentions.

Alteration in Communication Methods: If your partner suddenly switches phone numbers or email accounts, it could suggest efforts to conceal communication with someone else. Initiate a discussion to clarify the situation.

Heightened Self-Care: An abrupt emphasis on personal appearance might hint at external motivations. Engage in a conversation to understand the reasoning behind this change.

Inconsistent Stories: If your partner begins telling lies, it could point to deception. Open dialogue can help uncover the reasons behind these falsehoods.

Unexplained Interest in Sex: An unexpected surge in sexual interest could signify various underlying issues, including infidelity. Discuss your concerns with your partner to gain clarity.

Diminished Intimacy: If your partner starts avoiding intimate moments, it could be a sign of emotional detachment or secrecy. Initiate a conversation to address the situation.

Shift in Social Circles: If your partner begins spending time with new acquaintances or develops new interests, it might suggest a change in priorities. Engage in open communication to understand their perspective. Another thing to look out for is their online activity regarding past associations i.e. ex-boyfriends, high school sweetheart, high school friends, college friends and significant others.

Heightened Criticism: A partner who suddenly becomes overly critical might be seeking justification for their actions. Open dialogue can help uncover the underlying reasons.

Increased Workload: If your partner starts working longer hours, it could raise concerns about their commitment to the relationship. Also, going in early or weekends is another red flag. We’ve mentioned before that work routines often change when there’s infidelity. In addition, many relationships are with co-workers or others that are within the career cirle of your significant other. I know you’ve heard the terms “work wife” and “work husband”.

Curiosity about Your Schedule: If your partner inquires extensively about your schedule, it might be tied to their efforts to find time for someone else. Engage in a conversation to understand their intentions.

Excessive Phone or Email Use: A significant increase in phone or email usage could point towards secretive communication. Address your concerns through an open conversation.

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