The World of Competitive Intelligence

In years past, the corporate world and the broader business community acknowledged the value of using information to obtain a competitive advantage in business situations. Some companies created special departments or units charged with this mission. These units worked independently or assisted other parts of the organization by gathering data, information, and knowledge regarding the company’s competitors, the industries in which they competed, and industries that affected their own. Job titles like Chief Information Officer or Director, Business Intelligence Unit appeared in corporate telephone directories. membership rosters of organizations like the Society for Competitor Intelligence Professions (SCIP) grew rapidly. Books on CI strategy were and still are available in the business book sections at most large bookstores.

This was the story…

Nowadays, many of these departments have been decreased by a large percent. However the need for companies to obtain business intelligence has risen.
Some will stop at nothing to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. Believe it or not, your proprietary systems, intellectual property, and the like is simultaneously your strongest asset and your Achilles Heel.

It isn’t legal for an individual or a company to use electronic eavesdropping or harassment against you, but it does happen. As such you have a right and it is your duty to protect yourself and/or your company.

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Victory Investigations has the equipment and the know how (commonly refered to as “trade craft”) to perform a successful sweep of your business, car or vessel, and home. We’ve found “bugs” (covert listening devices / transmitters), wiretaps, hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, spyware, loggers, and many types of jammers.

We have found it all.

Most importantly, Victory Investigations has the proper training and licensing to perform such sweeps.

There is no doubt…If you posses valuable information, you ARE a target. Whether you are a victim or not, remains to be discovered.


Victory Investigations is a licensed and insured Private Investigations agency located in Greensboro, NC and conducts investigations worldwide. is also licensed to perform Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Contact us today for a FREE consultation:  (336) 298-2034, 1-888-482-6273,

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Counter Surveillance

Believe it or not, your proprietary systems, intellectual property, and the like is simultaneously your strongest asset and your Achilles Heel.

Are you a victim of electronic eavesdropping or harassment? You may never know…

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Text, Voice-mail, & Email Evidence

With over 6 Billion texts sent per day, texting is by far the #1 choice for communication. Texting is easy, discreet and cheaters do it all the time. Don’t leave vital evidence on the table – get to the truth!

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