Text, Voice-mail, & Email Evidence

With over 6 Billion texts sent per day, texting is by far the #1 choice for communication. Texting is easy, discreet and cheaters do it all the time. Don’t leave vital evidence on the table – get to the truth!

Certified & Trusted Digital Forensic Experts 

Victory Investigations’ private investigators are certified in the procedures involved in recovering digital evidence from various electronic devices including basic cell phones and cell phones with advanced capabilities (“smart” phones – i.e. Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices). We use the latest hardware and software to obtain whatever evidence may exist on the target device. Evidence can exist in many places on the device. There are even applications dedicated to hiding pictures, texts (SMS & MMS), chat messages, phone calls, pictures, and videos. These tools can be masked as innocent applications and can require an additional password to access it’s contents. We can locate the password or circumvent the password altogether to gain access to this important evidence.

Examination of an Android and an iPhone.

Deleted data, such as entire text conversation strings, pictures, videos, chat messages & logs, email, browsing history, and much more may still exist on the device. This information is stored for a limited amount of time and is subject to how the user has the device set up and how much the device is actually used. There is also vital information stored on the device’s SD card and SIM card, if applicable.

Computer Forensics

A tremendous amount of data and information is retained on a computer than most people realize. In addition, it is more difficult to completely remove such data or information than generally believed.  Our computer forensic experts can often discover evidence of, or completely recover lost or deleted data and information, even if it has been intentionally deleted. This data can contain emails, chat messages, iPhone or other cell phone backup files, browsing history, downloads, pictures, videos, social media communication, passwords, hidden files, Metadata (EXIF, XMP, IPTC), and MUCH more. For example:  If we discover an incriminating photo, we could possibly tell you when it was taken, where it was taken (GPS/longitude & latitude coordinates), and even what type of device took the picture (i.e. iPhone, Sony Cyber Shot, Cannon, etc.).

The evidence that can be obtained from a properly performed computer forensic exam, could bring your case to a swift and a successful outcome for you. Whats more, properly obtained computer evidence is often so condemning that the matter never sees the inside of a courtroom. And if by chance your case does go to court, you can rest assured that we will be able to provide professional testimony and explain in clear terms to the judge and possible jury, what evidence we have and how we obtained it.


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